At Shine Master, we specialize in window tinting.  We have tinted tens of thousands of cars over the years and use only the highest quality of films from companies such as Madico and Lumar.  We have the largest selection of window film in Windsor - from light to dark and dyed to metalized.  Surely, we have the film you are looking for.   Our Vari-films are our latest edition to our product line of tint. Vari-film is a film that fades from a chrome to black and comes in 5 different colours .

     When you are looking to tint your car can't just go with the shop that has the cheapest prices because not all films are created equal.  A shop $20 cheaper is probably putting on a cheap film, and the cost to remove a bad tint can total over $100.  We at Shine Master will not sacrifice quality to save you a few bucks. If you want it done right the first time and have your tint last a lifetime, call us.




     Residential and Commercial tinting is also available from Shine Master. We carry a large assortment of sputtered metal films designed for thermopane glass. Our residential films will keep your home cooler in the summer while giving your home that elegant look of class.




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