Permanent Rustproofing
is available at Shine Master.  A thick black sound deadener is applied to the bottom of your car acting not only as a rust preventative but as a barrier against road noise.  All upper panels are internally coated with a amber permanent rust protection that does not harden, crack or drip.  On new cars, this process comes with a lifetime warranty . This is the same rustproofing process you would pay two or three times as much for at a dealership.

     Dripless Oil Spray
is an inexpensive way to protect your cars sheet metal from rusting.  Excellent protection for used cars that may have some rust already starting.  Since the oil is dripless, what we spray on your car stays on your car - not in your driveway. Its creeping properties allow it to work its way into every hidden spot on your car.  Recommended annually.

Paint Protection is one of our more popular services. We carry a product called PPS.  This sealant is applied in a two stage application and is fused to the surface of your paint.  This protects against acid rain, pollution, industrial fallout and many other airborne contaminants.  The Windsor area has some of the worst acid rain in North America along with very bad industrial fallout.  We highly recommend this product. Once it is done you will never have to wax again!

Fabric Protection is a must have service that rounds off our available protection for your car.  3M Scotchguard is applied to all carpet and fabric surfaces. This prevents any spills from staining your cars interior. Leather protection is also available.



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