Auto Detailing
is what Shine Master is all about. Keeping your car clean and shiny is a task that is better left to the pros.  What could take you all weekend to do could be done at Shine Master while you are on the golf coarse or out fishing.  We can deep clean your interior with our professional extraction machines.  Your paint can be polished to a brilliant gloss with our high speed polishers, giving you that new car look.





Hand wash and dry

Wax exterior

Dress tires

Interior vacuum

Wipe down dash and door panels

Clean glass



Includes all Bronze items PLUS:

Interior shampoo

Trunk vacuum

Scotch guard


Includes all Bronze and
Silver items PLUS:

2 step high speed machine polish and glaze removes oxidation and light scratching

Teflon paint sealant protects paint for up to two years

Engine shampoo and glaze removes grease and oil protects hoses and belts


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